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luxury faux florals handmade with love

Earth and Glam was born out of passion for artistic and beautiful floral design. While we absolutely love fresh flowers, the global fresh flower industry is unsustainable. Quality made faux florals mimic the colours, textures, versatility, and movement of fresh florals without any of the harmful environmental effects. Nothing can replace nature, but we strive to do our part to preserve it. 


The fresh-cut flower industry requires extensive use of pesticides and harsh chemicals to meet large scale consumer demand. Unlike fresh cut flowers, our stems do not require refrigeration, pesticides, nor precious water, and are completely reusable.


No need to worry about water for your arrangement, sunlight, nor storage temperature.


Our flowers will not wilt nor bruise, making them enjoyable and maintenance free for as long as you desire.   


We handpick all of our unique and intricate florals in-person at various elite boutiques. 

 Our avant-garde designs are made with pure love.  

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